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Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.


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I ordered several things and loved it all. Meat Grape Leaves had a nice mild taste and I put some of the Baba Ganoush I ordered as one of the sides on my 'Create your own Combo'. I chose FF as my second side and was surprised at how good they were. I also ordered a side of Rice and Lentals. They come with a few carmalized onions on the top and I added the rest of my Baba Ganoush to it. Very tasty and I will have a Vegan night with those as my entree. The Baklava was made with Walnuts instead of Pistachios but it was still extremely good. Tried the Rice Pudding, a little bland, soupy and rice could have cooked a little long. Not a big deal since everything else was fantastic.


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Easily the most bang for your buck if you want a bite of Mediterranean for your evening. I plan to make this my go-to for evenings where I'm too tired to cook, and the best part is that it won't make your wallet cry, either.


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Delivery was 10 minutes early, everything was correct and they even came directly to my office door in the College of Musical Arts which is a crazy place to navigate! Thank you so so much! You made my whole day!


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Very fast, and tasted great. Love the shawarma. I ordered a few months ago and thought it was just ok - but this time it was amazing. Definite improvement and now I will order more often, love it!


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This restaurant is really good, especially for how cheap it is. I love waking up after sleeping all morning and ordering a ton of food for a lot less of what it would cost eating somewhere else

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